Introducing... Liven

We're launching the world's first full-event management system. Present any deck on any screen, in real time.

Introducing... Liven

The why-ven of Liven

There’s a huge technology gap in running live events today.

On the small end (5-15 attendees), you’re perfectly fine with a slide deck and a clicker. You don’t even need a sound system – just talk loud.

On the big end (1k+ attendees), you’re probably shelling out $10,000+ and are happy to do it, for 1. wow factor and 2. it Just Works™.

In the middle though… what do you do? There’s this stark choice between shelling out for dedicated one-time A/V, a full event ops team, and months of planning versus not even attmepting any tech (second screen, polls, speaker timer) and still putting in herculean effort on your part to keep things moving & on time.

How many times has a PowerPoint not worked because it was a different version?

How many times have you tried to livestream an event (or just video for later!) but you had to super awkwardly try to fit the speaker and their content into frame… and then the livestream didn’t really work anyway?

How many times did you lose the back half of the audience because nobody can read the slides on stage?

Liven fixes all of that, and not by making everything complicated and crazy. Liven is for The Rest of Us. It’s seriously as easy as flipping on however many screens you want, pointing your cameras at the stuff you want people to see, and pressing “Start Event”.

From there, your fully remote or hybrid event just about runs itself, and it’s easier & more powerful than ever before (disclaimer: you may still have to have someone click “next” on the slides, unfortunately the AI just isn’t there yet)

Here’s what a Liven Ready venue looks like:

  • Guests are greeted at door with a live agenda/directions screen
  • The lobby has screens with countdown timers to next speaker
  • Main room has duplicate presentation screens in back
  • Audience can see event/presentation on phone (no download)
  • Speakers get notified automatically when it’s their turn
  • Speakers have screen(s) facing them with timer / next slides
  • Presentations transition naturally between speakers & agenda items
  • Q&A is moderated and/or audience can vote
  • Audience interaction isn’t a distraction
  • Remote attendees see multiple video angles synced w/ content

And seriously: you don’t need to be a technical pro to do any of this – Liven is designed to work with the tools you’re already comfortable using. If you can use Google Slides and a smartphone camera, you’re already a Liven Super User.

We want to partner with your venue so that you can book more clients and throw the events of your dreams. If any of this sounds interesting to you, email me at – let’s talk!

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