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Introducing... Liven

We're launching the world's first full-event management system. Present any deck on any screen, in real time.

Introducing... Liven

The why-ven of Liven

Here’s the anatomy of an event*: you’ve got a standard agenda, with one or more decks that get presented or put on autopilot, a handful of people speaking on stage, and then there’s a networking component.

I go to a lot of these kinds of events. They’re good! Occasionally great even.

The thing that EVERY event has in common though – without fail – is that something goes wrong and it’s really obvious because it’s all on stage.**
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please email me (brett@liven.io) because I want to hear about this magical world you’re living in. 

Seriously – I was at an event a few weeks ago, and one of the speakers on stage downloaded Adobe Acrobat™ onto the laptop they were presenting from because the deck they made didn’t look right with the version of powerpoint. They wanted it to look like they designed it, so I guess it’s PDF time! (and we got to watch them download it for five more minutes.)

Don’t get me wrong, it was a killer event and I had a great time… but I’m going to remember this weird little anecdote forever because it totally broke the flow.

At every event I go to, something gets derailed in the newest and weirdest way. We’re building Liven because I don’t believe we have to just accept that crap breaks all the time. HELLO, it’s 2020! We can fix these problems with software. 

Here’s how an event with Liven runs:

Step 1: Put any kind of deck (.ppt, google slides, prezi, .pdf, keynote) into a Presentation Converter that turns it into a secure & shareable web format.

Step 2: Now that your slides are on the web, you can present from any device with a web browser. No more fiddling with HDMI cords to hot swap which laptop is presenting.

Step 3: Now that your whole presentation is on the web…

  • attendees can view slides on their phone & follow up after the event
  • you can poll the audience & manage the Q&A
  • give your speaker a timer tied to the live event agenda
  • transition between presentations without mashing two powerpoints together
  • auto-run Interactive sponsor roll running on any screen

With Liven, you don’t have to choose between forgettable and memorable for all the wrong reasons. It’s time to up the game and wow your attendees.

I want to hear your event horror stories. Email me at brett@liven.io with what the event was, your role in it, and your crazy story.

*An event that costs < $10,000 to run
** Not to mention your herculean effort behind the scenes that the audience never gets to see

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