Multi-speaker presentation setup in minutes.

Put simply, Megadeck consolidates multiple presentations into one deck. Combine speaker slides, polls, demos, and more without swapping computers or switching tabs mid-event.



Minimize speaker coordination

Think of the time event organizers could save if they didn’t have to collect, consolidate, and update the decks sent in by presenters.

With Liven, each speaker will get an upload link that will put their deck in an order determined by the organizer. If the speaker needs to update their deck, it’s as easy as hitting ‘upload’ again.

Eliminate awkward breaks between presentations

We don’t know how it happens, but somehow there’s always one or two presenters whose decks just don’t work. Someone finds another computer to use while someone else searches for the right cords. It takes too much time and is uncomfortable for the audience to watch.

With all speaker slides already loaded into Megadeck, there’s no need to hold your breath between speakers. All you need to do is hit ‘next’ or arrow right!

Display decks as intended

Whether PowerPoint, Google Slides, or PDF, decks will show up exactly how they were created. That includes animation and videos. No more time spent explaining what would have been on the video if it had worked.

Try Liven for your next presentation