Liven V2 is coming...

If every event you've ever been to was 100% perfect and nothing went wrong... you probably don't need Liven and can stop reading now.

For the rest of us not living in some sort of magical paradise, you should keep reading!

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A quick overview of the current version:

(plus some minor enhancements that we're adding)

Universal Presentation

- We patented it! (it's pending)
- Convert .ppt, Prezi, Slides, .pdf, .mp4
- Shareable, interactive, and universal web presentation


- Polls
- Comments & Questions
- Voting
- Reviews


- Give a Live Interactive Presentation
- Public or Private Links
- Embed

After running hundreds of events, we've learned that interactivity by itself doesn't make an event great, and it certainly doesn't make your life as an organizier any easier.

So, on to the new new stuff...



Here's how it works:

Build your agenda

So-and-so is presenting introductions first, then the keynote, then it's time for networking, and then we bring in the closer... whatever it is, Liven will automatically reach out to speakers to collect, consolidate, and update everyone's decks so that you don't have to.

Eliminate awkward breaks between presentations

We don’t know how it happens, but somehow there’s always one or two presenters whose decks just don’t work. Someone finds another computer to use while someone else searches for the right cords. It takes too much time and is uncomfortable for the audience to watch.

With all speaker slides already loaded into Megadeck, there’s no need to hold your breath between speakers. All you need to do is hit ‘next’ or arrow right!

Display decks as intended

How many times have you been to a presentation where the speaker had to plug their own computer in because "it's not showing up the way I designed it"?

Well, thanks to our patent pending converter, whether it's PowerPoint, Google Slides, or PDF, decks will show up exactly how they were created. That includes animation and videos. No more time spent explaining what would have been on the video if it had worked.


live event dashboard


See Everything About Your Event - Live

Get a birds-eye view with controls for each screen:

  • main public presentation
  • comment wall
  • agenda
  • the second presentation running on the side
  • speaker notes screen
  • "what are the attendees seeing on their phones?"
  • and more!
  • 2

    Easy set-up

    • Each screen shows up as a new browser window
    • No login needed - just pull up a URL and enter a confirmation code for security
    • Change the content on a screen at any time, for when you want to swap the main presentation for the comment wall (or whatever!)

    Live Analytics and Controls

    Things like...

  • Full view & moderation of comments
  • Give the speaker their much-needed 2-minute warning
  • Take control of what's on the screen - for every screen
  • Presenting:

    not very good wifi mode

    How many times have you tested out a presentation the night before only to have all of your videos freeze the second everyone connected to the same wifi? Now all you have to do is...

    Load up your presentation on the device you'll be presenting on

    Wait about 30 seconds for Liven to let you know your presentation is secured

    Kill the wifi and watch your presentation work right in the browser

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