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Showcase and share interactive presentations

We enable seamless presentations so you can convey your message without disruption.


Put any presentation anywhere

Liven lets you give presentations in person or on the web with full animation and video support.

Liven helps you experience better presentations, remote meetings, and conferences

Connect viewer phones directly to your presentation

Keep the whole audience engaged and focused by allowing them to view your presentation from up close.

Maintain fidelity of videos and animations

No more second guessing. Welcome to videos and animations set in any file type that just work.

Collect questions, comments, and attendee information

Impress your audience by giving them a voice in the conversation, then following up afterward.

How does Liven work?

Four easy steps to better presentations...


Upload any presentation file

Upload your PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, or Google Slides deck. We'll convert it to an interactive web format that works anywhere, with full animation and video support.


Share your slides with a code or a link

Send a link, or tell your audience to visit Liven.io on their phones and join with your code. They’ll follow your slides and interact with you right from their browser - nothing to download!


Collect questions, feedback, and data from your audience

Collect questions, surveys, feedback, contact info and meeting requests directly from your attendees in real time.


Turn attendees into fans and customers

Use our one-click followup feature to connect with each attendee. Build ongoing relationships with your audience and convert them into customers.

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