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Connect with your audience like never before.

Liven enables speakers to personally connect with everyone who attends their talk, not just the few who circle around afterwards.

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How it works

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Upload your slide deck, generate your unique code, and present it when you're ready.

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Tell your audience to use the code to follow your slides, ask questions, and schedule meetings with you from their mobile browser.

Liven Organizers

After your talk, build your business and reputation by following up with each user through the Liven dashboard.

Capture feedback and interactions as they happen

Audience members who go to during your talk can instantly see your slides and start asking questions with just a three letter code. Many won't stay afterwards to talk with you in person - now their questions can be unlocked for follow-up later!

Liven Organizers
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Generate more value for your attendees

Liven lets you give everyone in your audience a front-row seat by putting your slides directly in their hands. Users who are too shy or too far away will also love asking you questions and requesting meetings right from their phone's browser.

A CRM for your live audiences

You have tools to manage your relationship with leads and customers. But the thousands of people who hear you speak each year don't get that kind of attention. Liven changes that.

After your event finishes, Liven will generate a detailed report with the contact info of all the audience members who want to interact with you but never did face-to-face. Now you can follow up with them and convert!

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